The Birch Tree Media Grant Program

Media Grant

What is it?

The Birch Tree Media Grant Program is a program designed by the Birch Tree Media Company and donates $5000.00 annually in services to those in need who apply. You can apply for the grant if your company, business, or, organization is in need of media services but can not afford to pay for them or, you just want to amp up your business and want to try something new, anyone can apply.

Have you helped companies like mine?

Yes we have, we have worked with companies ranging from fortune 500 to local 2 employee operations. The Birch Tree Media Grant has donated $9900.90 in grant funds since the beginning.













Want to donate?

Your contribution will be added to the donation sponsor list and goes to fund operations of the birch tree media grant and aids businesses in need who apply. Be a hero to a local business. Well let you know who you helped too! Donating companies receive 10% off services for 1 year.

Contact us below to donate.

How are businesses chosen?

The recipients are chosen based on certain company criteria and are awarded the services under the Grant program. Our grant services are free and there is no restrictions for applying.

How can I apply, do I qualify?

Everyone qualifies, anyone can apply, with equal opportunity. You can apply by filing out the form on the bottom of this page.

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Grant Recipient 

Southern Iron County Food Pantry